How to Handle Telephone Calls

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1. How to answer the phone:
Anne hears the phone ringing and lifts up the receiver. She will say:
· Hello! This is Anne speaking
· Good morning!
2. Asking who is the caller is:

· Who is it please?
· Who is calling, please?
· Who is speaking, please?
· May I ask who is calling?
3. Wrong number:
· Sorry, wrong number.
· I am afraid you have the wrong number.
· Sorry you have the wrong number.
4. Asking for a connection /Expressing the name of someone who wants to talk to:
· Good morning, may I speak to Mr. Allen, please?
· Can I talk to first name please?
· Id like to speak to Sarah Adams, please?
· Could you put me through Mr. Allen, Please?
5. Asking someone to hold the line:
· Hold on, please?
· Just a minute please.
· One moment, please. Hold the line, will you?
6. The caller speaks to the person concerned. The receiver will say:
· Speaking.
· Yes, speaking.
7. Leaving a message. The caller will say:
· Could you take a message for me, please?
· Could you please take a message?
8. The person answering the phone will say:
· Would you like to leave a message?
· May I have a message, please?
9. The line is busy:
· Sorry. The line is busy. Please call back later.
· Sorry. The line is engaged.
10. Making appointments:
· Could you manage it on Tuesday?
· What about Friday?

· Shall we say at 2 oclock?
· Can you make it after lunch?
· What about tomorrow at seven?
· Is tomorrow OK for you?
· Can I meet you tomorrow morning?
11. Answering a call about making appointments:
· Just a moment, please. Ill check my diary first.
· Im sorry Ill be out all day.

· That would be fine.
· Yes, Im sure I can make it.
· Im sorry, Im not available tomorrow.
· I will be free after lunch.
12. Closing the call:
· Thank you for your call.
· Thanks for calling.



Complaint Letter For SMK

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PT. Bobot Bibit Bebet
Jalan Batu Bulan No 15
Blahbatu Gianyar
September 7, 2009
Marketing Manager
PT. Maju Pantang Mundur
15 Jalan Melati Jaya
Bandung 23400

Dear Madam,
When we came to examine the goods we received on 26 August 2009 No. 63. We found the goods you sent were not match the samples you shower us when we met before. Some of them are so poor, and we believe that there must have been some mistakes in making up our order.

As the quality of the goods is not suited to our needs, we have no choice but to ask you to replace them by those of the quality ordered.

We should be obliged if you could investigate this matter, and we need the goods urgently, so please let us have the replacement as soon as possible.

Faithfully Yours,

Muhamad Ali S.
Purchase Manager


Complaint Letter for Smk

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Jln. Gumuk Cinta No. 10
Wringinputih Muncar

September 7, 2009

Mr. Wildan Aulia
Marketing Manager
PT. Aulia Mas
21 Jln. Muncing City
Jakarta 20001

Dear Sir,

The goods we ordered from you on 15th April have reached us since two weeks ago. But until now, we have not received the televisions we ordered yet.

Unfortunately, there has been a similar delay on the previous occasion and this compel us to say that business between us can not be continued in such a bad condition.

We have felt it necessary to make our feelings known since we can not give reliable delivery dates to our customers unless we can count on undertakings given by our suppliers.

We shall be glad if you will look into the matter at once and let us know the reason for the delay.

Your sincerely,

Muhamad Ali S
Purchase Manager


Coa Mencoba

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Coba membuat blog khusus untuk English For SMK
Semoga bolg ini bisa berguna bagi semua guru dan siswa - siswi SMK di seluruh Indonesia




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"Children and grown-ups must do their best to keep the world clean," Mr. Fox said to his class. "Sometimes we see some rubbish in the streets and we must pick it up. Sometimes we eat some sweets and we must put the wrappings in the bin. We must all work together so there's no rubbish in the world. Never throw plastic into the sea! There should be no oil in the sea. If we pour poison--oil is poison in rivers and seas--into our rivers, some fish die. This is called pollution. This weekend, see if you can find some examples of pollution and write some sentences about it."Jimmy looked worried when he went home.
On Monday, he handed in his composition. "Yesterday we had sardines for lunch. Mom opened the tin, but all the fish were dead because the tin was full of oil!" Adapted from Longman English Grammar Practice.



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